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"We have a situation in our hands!  An issue that needs to get solved.  A common illness that searches for a cure.  This disease as it affects people and animals of all ages.  Just this past year, over 13 percent of all deaths were the result of this disease.  This dreadful disease is called cancer.  This illness occurs when healthy, regular cells transforms into, cancer cells.  Cancer cells forms when single cell get infected, then multiplies.  These cells are very hard to get rid of becuase they lack the ability to self destruct, but some treatments are available.

Life after cancer for non-survivors is an emotional time for their families.  These families lost one of their loved ones.  While survivors of cancer have a long path ahead of them, they will start a new life with a better lifestyle and will remember how lucky they are.  It's a start of a new life, for every one.

As you know preventing cancer is a very important part of living well.  

Remember "an ounce of prevention is quart of a cure".



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